About Us

Babe N’ Suit is a celebration of women’s physique and independence.


Babe N’ Suit was founded by Tabria Nalette Lampkin. A native of Maryland, USA.  She was born to two Deaf Adults, making her a CODA; a Child Of a Deaf Adult.  Because her first language is sign language, she often times pronounced words incorrectly or spoke with a muted tone until receiving speech therapy.  As a little girl, Tabria visited the beach often with her mother and distinctively remembers a time when she could not pronounce bathing suit correctly.  She would pronounce it as her “babe-n-suit.”  As she got older, she thought it would be fitting to name her swimsuit company just that.


Though, the name , Babe N’ Suit, was derived from a little girl who could not pronounce “bathing suit” correctly, the company esteems from black women culture; embracing their bodies with excitement through appealing swimwear. The goal of Babe N’ Suit is to promote excitement and self-confidence while wearing swimsuits ranging from classy to sexy for all women.  There is nothing like a woman’s body as it is unique and wonderfully made.  Therefore, it is our hope that every woman feels beautiful and secure while rocking their Babe N’ Suit swimwear.